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Six Pack

Six Pack
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Add to Cart Each Six Pack includes 12 ear plugs

The Personal Pack:

Blended from Beeswax, Cotton & Lanolin;  this advanced moldable ear plug ( forms ) to your ear canal each time as you insert it, to create your own Perfect Custom Fit.

With the Personal Pack order you will receive: Six Pairs of:

  • The ( Most Effective ) SOUND BLOCKING ear plugs in the world!
  • The ( Most Total Sealing ) ear plugs in the world. Water Cannot Enter!
  • The best value in (reusable) ear plugs!  Wear each pair 30-40 times!
  • FREE SHIPPING To Countries having a *Dependable* Postal Service
  • A customer service that cares about your success with our ear plug!
  • A 100% ( No Risk-Money Back ) Satisfaction Guarantee!



Product Reviews

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  • Excellent customer service--Fantastic product!

    The ear plugs arrived faster than I thought they would - I am in Australia. The email was answered really quickly to confirm postage and they were in my letterbox that afternoon. Using them - rooming with a group of mates in shared accommodation - they're simply fantastic!. - January 28, 2017

    Jeb Smith--Australia

  • My teenagers now come in late and I am not awakened-Great Ear Plugs!

    I have never met a lighter sleeper than I. I thought I had tried every ear plug on the market and my sister found Trustpilot's reviews online and gave these ear plugs to me as a gift. I had a stroke back in October and three of our children moved back home. Their television enjoyment became my nightmare. I really needed sleep for maximum recovery and the Trustpilot reviews helped me get the right ear plug. - January 28, 2017

    Abdurrahman Sykes--Ireland

  • Earplugs that saved my husbands life!!

    These earplugs are absolutely marvelous. My husband didn't want to spend the rest of our married life stuck in the spare room and I was about to kill him 'cos he was snoring and grinding his teeth, great combination!! Anyway went on line and found these, peace has now been restored to our household and the risk of 'death', at least from snoring, is now no longer an issue. Happy Days - January 27, 2017

    Marlene Leach--United Kingdom

  • The worlds most comfortable and ( effective ) earplugs!

    If you need to use earplugs for a variety of reasons, these are without a doubt the most effective and comfortable earplugs to use. You can sleep all night wearing them and get up in the morning and zero soreness in your ear canals. I have never found another product that gives the level of sound protection that these earplugs will give you. - January 26, 2017

    Eric Sandberg--Sweden

  • Wow! fina!lly an ear plug that actually works!

    I've tried many ear plugs over the years when traveling, I am a light sleeper and find it hard when in the same room with snorers. Just recently went to a women's camp, had 8 other women in the same dorm, and I slept like a log. Thanks ever so much! I'm very pleased with my purchase! - January 25, 2017

    Gwen Pittaway--New Zealand

  • My life has changed since I started using these earplugs

    They work so well and I'm sleeping so much better. I LOVE the quick service from the company. I love these earplugs. - January 20, 2017

    Tennis Babe--Australia

  • The definition of effective!

    Amazing. These really do block out noise. Absolutely no comparison with foam earplugs. I'm happy! - January 24, 2017

    Alan Teller--United States

  • The best I've found!!!

    I've been looking for ear plugs to use on my MC. These provide the best seal and noise reduction. - January 19, 2017


  • Happy Camper

    These are my favorite ear plugs. I've been using them for several years and am thoroughly satisfied with the product and service. - January 21, 2017

    M Jackson--United States

  • Easy ordering, prompt delivery, excellent product!

    Have been ordering your ear plugs on line for over 3 years now. Every delivery has been dispatched promptly and normally received in Australia within 10 - 20 days. The product itself is of really good quality and lives up to the reputation given by other users in their product references. Would happily recommend to others for uses similar to myself, which is to assist in sleeping with a partner who has a chronic snoring problem. Noel - December 31, 2016


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