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Mighty Plugs

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Nothing  ( Blocks-Out )  like  "Natural Beeswax"


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  • Blended from Beeswax & made for wearing all night long.
  • Fits all ear canals from smallest infants to the largest adults.
  • Simply pinch off to make smaller or combine to make larger.
  • 5 Star Rating Worldwide: The "Best Blocking" Ear Plug !!!!!!
  • Blocks Out ( ALL ) snoring and ( ALL ) noises INSTANTLY!!!
  • Reusable!!!   Wear each pair 30-35 times!   An Excellent Value!!!!
  • 100%  ( Risk Free)   Money  Back Satisfaction  Guarantee !!!!!!
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Latest Reviews

  • So effective, I couldn't hear my alarm!

    These ear plugs are brilliant. I live in an area with busy traffic and they completely block the noise of it. Not only that, I now have to put my alarm where I can feel the vibration of it because I can't hear the sound anymore! I have already recommended the ear plugs to other friends who are having problems sleeping because of noise. I'm also using them for swimming and they are just as effective keeping water out of my ears and are much more comfortable than the usual ear plugs for swimming. They are definitely the world's finest ear plugs.

    Daria - Australia

  • They Blocked-Out Everything!

    I have used every earplug available and none worked like these..A friend gave me a pair since I would be traveling & rooming with a snorer for 3 weeks. Didn't trust that they would work, but they absolutely did. THEY BLOCKED OUT EVERYTHING!, so I just ordered a package for future use. Finally an earplug that does what it says it will do!!!

    Margaret Leon -USA & Italy

  • Your earplugs changed my life!

    Now I get up only once a night, instead of 8 or 9 times, due to my husband's snoring. I feel great, now that I can sleep. I love how soft and comfortable they feel and how well they block out. Thank you very very much !" More grateful than you can imagine!

    Mary Schram - USA

  • I was a desperate woman, desperate for sleep!

    Sleeping with a snoring husband was bad enough. Then came two adorable Boston Terriers! Adorable yes, but like their 'Dad', terrific snorers! I was a desperate woman, desperate for sleep!!! After trying the pillow on the head routine; custom fitted earplugs; and a 'sleeping headphone set' to listen to white noise. NOTHING HELPED. Surfing the web for solutions, I found your company. Salvation! I read the testimonies--sent for a dozen pairs, and from the very first night there was peace and sleep. In fact, your earplugs worked too well .Life is good, thanks to the World's Finest Earplugs. With Sincere Gratitude.

    Michele M - USA

  • One word to describe your earplugs, WOW!

    I have been married to an extremely LOUD snorer for 8 years now. I have been through what seems like a million different earplugs, and NONE OF THEM WORKED until I found your product online. They are comfortable and I can sleep through the snoring and wake up refreshed every day! Thank you sooooo much for offering such a high quality product at awesome prices, and you are based out of my home state of Oregon. Go Ducks!

    Jeanna Rodgers -USA


Purchase  Limit   ( 2-Packs )   At  The  ( Sale  Prices )