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100% (( Waterproof )) Sealing


RATED # 1 in " 2017 " "Diver's World"
RATED # 1 2016-2017 "Surfer Today"

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" Mighty Plugs "     Seal Out Water   (( 100% ))       PERIOD !!!

    BEESWAX (( SEALS )) the Ear 100% !!!
  • PURE Natural Beeswax
    Safest, Malleable, Reusable Ear Plug
  • Especially Comfortable
    Fits ( ALL ) ears ---Infants to Adults
    BEESWAX (( SEALS )) the Ear 100% !!!
    Bathing,  Swimming,  Diving  Surfing
  • Reusable (Best Value)
    Wear each pair 30 times & more!!!!!!
  • (( FREE SHIPPING ))!!!!!!
    Plus ( 100% Satisfaction Guarantee )
  • Ear Doctor's Choice For:
    Tube Wearers & Pierced Eardrums
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Recent Testimonials

Chronic ear problems with ear tubes

"My 13 year old daughter is a top ranked competitive swimmer. She has had cronic ear problems and had a second set of ventilation tubes inserted last December. The custom made ear plugs were not effective in keeping the water out and she had recurrent infections and was forced out of the water for nearly 6 weeks. I found your ear plug after searching the internet and decided that we should try it because nothing else was working. I am very pleased to say that my daughter has been in the water for two full months now and the plugs are working fantastically! I even tried them my- self during masters swimming and found them very comfortable and effective in keeping out water. I have recommended them to our aquatic supplier as well as other swimmers. Thank you for a great product!"

FROMHilary Borner - Canada - February 1, 2018

To BPI, the company that lives up to it's claims

"My ten year old daughter has had ear problems since she was a baby. She had tube surgery TWICE. The second set did not fall out, so the third surgery was to remove them. She now has holes in both her ear drums and is required to wear ear plugs. The more expensive custom made molded ear plugs still leaked even taking showers. YOUR EAR PLUGS DO NOT LEAK WATER INTO HER EAR. For the first time, she can swim without head bands and can enjoy water ac- tivities using only your ear plugs. Thank you so much! (Please feel free to use this testimonial.)"

FROMCJ - USA - February 1, 2018

Surfing With Ventilation Tubes

"I have ventilation tubes in my ears and had dreamed of surfing my entire life..I finally did that on my honeymoon this past January. I had NO problems with the ear plugs and they didn't shift or al- low ANY water into my ears! I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your product and I've recom- mended it to our local swimming store-"Swim and Sports", in Mississauga, Ontario. Your product allowed me to experience my dream. Thank you so much"

FROMSue Sitki - Canada - January 31, 2018

A swimmer for 30 years

"B.P., THANK YOU!!!! I am a swimmer and have been for 30 years, 60 minutes a day. I have suffered through (swimmer's ear) numerous times; sometimes with considerable pain. Your ear plugs are a wonder! With all the hype that surrounds most products, one becomes numb to most claims, but you indeed make " the BEST ear plugs in the world ", and I THANK YOU."

FROMPeter Bice - USA - January 31, 2018

There is nothing better that exists

"Love this product, I would not be able to go swimming without them. Due being extremely prone to getting ear infections. Been using for many years and there is nothing better that exists, tried many other products before these, just brilliant... Thank you"

FROMMark Widdowson - UK - January 30, 2018

"I have an ear tube in my ear, but once again, you carried me through"

"I have written to you in the past, but felt the need to contact you again. I have an ear tube in my ear and have been so upset that I lost my ability to swim because of it. But, once again, you carried me through. I lounged in the Mediterranean Sea, floated in the Dead Sea, and snorkeled in the Red Sea all because of the magnificent product you developed !!! Thanks again for letting me continue to enjoy life in the water !!!!"

FROMSharon Miller - USA - January 30, 2018


Purchase  Limit   ( 2-Packs )   At  The  ( Sale  Prices )